Care of Creation

God expects us to be GOOD stewards of His creation.

” The land is mine and you are but aliens and my tenants. Throughout the country that you hold as a possession, you must provide for the redemption of the land.” Lev. 25:23-24.

10 Suggestions and Ideas

1. Change your light bulbs
2. Conserve Water
3. Use Earth-friendly cleaners
4. Look for the energy Star
5. Use your Bike/ walk
6. Plant extra veggies
7. Hang a clothes line
8. Consume less; share more
9. Plan car trips ahead
10. Support local farmer

Share with us creative ideas on what you are doing today to care of creation. Post your comments here. Be inspired. Feel free to forward this blog to your friends and family.

GOD grant us the wisdom to act with care and foresight, to protect the earth and Your children for generations to come.”


4 thoughts on “Care of Creation

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  1. Thank you for sharing this concern on creation. The NGO which I work has just launched a project called Bearers of Hope- a network of 30 churches and FBOs project on responding and preparing for disasters, and also include prevention such as caring for the environment.

    Fe F. Manila, Philippine

  2. Great piece! Totally agree.

    We recycle, compost, use energy-saver light bulbs, turn off power
    vampires, are faithful to not leave lights or any unnecessary electrical
    appliance on, Shop at the grocery store every two weeks instead of weekly,
    use cloth shopping bags and refuse plastic at the stores….

    We’ve cut our power bill in half! Our garbage is down to one big bag a
    week for a household that feeds anywhere from 8-14 people for suppers, and
    has four of us living there all the time. We’re tipid with the water.
    Don’t use a garden hose, but tabo the plants. More work, but, hey….keeps
    our water bill really low and gives us good exercise. We don’t have a
    lawn. That helps. Our backyard is cemented…a nice pattern, though. We’ve
    got plenty of plants in beds around the yard and lots of orchids here and
    there. I change the bird’s (we have lots of birds..two cockatiels, four
    lovebirds, two finches (soon to be more…they are sitting three little
    eggs) two parakeets, and one African gray parrot) water every day and
    throw the poopy water on the orchids. They love it! We also throw our
    soapy water on the orchids. They love that, too! Nitrates!

    Keep up the great work with Creation Care stuff. We’re with ya!

    Jeri of Marikina, Philippines

  3. Very helpful tips! Thanks! Walking 2 to 4 kms. to and from an office, mall, or church bring lots of health benefits and may even shorten travel time on heavy traffic.

    Embarking on a long trip? Which is more beneficial and/or economical – plane, car, or bus? Megabus (UK, USA, Canada) Ceres (RP).

    Godgrey, Bacolod City, Phil

  4. Brother Gad Serfino forwarded to me your article on Care of Creation! I thank you very much for the inputs and insights! Through your generosity, I was able to attend the seminar on Care of Creation with Ed Brown, last November 2009.As a response, I plan to pursue a program which I call “GREENING PENUEL”. I shall consult Ma’am Alice Pineda of ISACC to help me.

    Naomi – Peneuel School of Theology, Manila, Phil.

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