Read To Grow Impact

Read to Grow Impact

It’s an eye opener to us that many volunteers involved in RTG come from broken families where either of the parent abandoned their children. Many live in poverty, yet they continue to serve in RTG community.

One of them is the Villar Family from the community of Bangga Planta in Bago City, Negros Occidental. Last year, Angel the eldest daughter, started to attend RTG but her interest was only to get a stuffed toy and get a meal. She continued to come and later became more interested at the encouragement of the pastor.

Angel became a Christ follower. Two of her other sisters also attended. Now the whole family is attending New Life Cornerstone Church Family Worship Ministry.

The 3 siblings come from a broken family. Their mom left them to work in Manila and never returned. Their father is left to take care of them. All 3 siblings are going to school. Angel is Grade 9, Aira, Grade 7 and Athea Grade 4.

MEANS has enrolled the 3 siblings in our Child Education Care.


MEANS provides educational assistance to children of Read to Grow volunteers who are single parent with children ages 16 and below who are currently enrolled in schools. $10, or 500 pesos, will be given every month per child to meet the needs for school supplies. Beginning January 2023, MEANS has signed up 15 school children to our program.

Can you imagine how our $10 per month per child will impact the need of a child to purchase school supplies and other school related needs?

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